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Scratchbox: Temporary failure resolving 'repository.maemo.org'

Why did I reboot?Posted by Mike Kristoffersen 12 Nov, 2009 21:26:06
So there I was happily writing documentation for the GStreamer integration - came to think of something that could be neat (read simplify the implementation) just needed to do a little test first that wouldn't take more than a build and a download... yeah right :)

So my test were running fine on the PC, and I wanted to re-run the test on the N810 as if it works there and on the PC it will probably run everywhere - I just needed to install an extra package in scratchbox in order to do the test - verified with "apt-cache search" that the specific package was known (its some times a problem running under scratchbox that the packages are different than in Ubuntu or are missing altogether) anyway I fired up "apt-get install ...." and it failed:

Temporary failure resolving 'repository.maemo.org'

hmmm... so I tried:

[sbox-CHINOOK-ARMEL-2007: ~] > apt-get update
Ign file: chinook Release.gpg
Ign file: chinook Release
Err http://repository.maemo.org chinook Release.gpg
Temporary failure resolving 'repository.maemo.org'
Err http://repository.maemo.org chinook Release.gpg
Temporary failure resolving 'repository.maemo.org'
Failed to fetch http://repository.maemo.org/dists/chinook/Release.gpg Temporary failure resolving 'repository.maemo.org'
Failed to fetch http://repository.maemo.org/extras-devel/dists/chinook/Release.gpg Temporary failure resolving 'repository.maemo.org'
Reading package lists... Done
E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.
[sbox-CHINOOK-ARMEL-2007: ~] >

A quick ping to #mobile didn't generate any response - searching the web first gave some hits several years old - but really no responses, except "ohh... it says its a temporary error, try again later" - yeah right - there were one guy who had the trouble for two weeks - I didn't think I would want to wait that long and still not have a solution.

So thinking back on what I had done in the last few weeks - reformatting my harddrive to ext4 and installing ubuntu 9.10 - hmm... couldn't be that, as I had gotten and installed several packages since then to be able to build fennec.... not a strong indicator that it had anything to do with that upgrade...

I could download the packages fine outside of scratchbox, so it wasn't a server problem either - tried it and installed the "traceroute" package manually (by downloading it, copying it to scratchbox and running "dpkg -i traceroute_1.4a12-21_armel.deb") that worked fine - I couldn't traceroute anything... hmm... network issue? ssh worked fine for remote machines - so the network seemed to be fine, also from within scratchbox...

Enough babbling - the problem was the "/scratchbox/etc/resolv.conf" file that apparently holds the address of the nameserver - this pointed to my old router, and not the new one I installed last week - after fixing the ip address in there to point to the new router everything worked nicely again - why I haven't had that problem before is beyond me...

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