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This used to be the place where I wrote stuff I was thinking about while working on the Mozilla project.

Maybe in the near future I'll start to update it again as I'm involved in a couple of new open-source projects - updates pending...

GStreamer running in Fennec

GStreamerPosted by Mike Kristoffersen 26 Mar, 2009 15:26:51
I have just seen the first embedded video clip in Fennec using GStreamer as the decoder. It played a small mpeg video clip - the performance is still lacking a bit but there are probably some things we can do to speed it up.

To see the video playing is just verifying that I have done at least something right in the process of updating the GStreamer integration.

Things still on the ToDo list (in the order I plan to do them):

1) Update the patch to the lastest version of the mozilla source (I'm running on a base that is about 1½ week old)
2) Create a new gstreamer source using our own network routines - the current integration leaves it up to gstreamer it self to load the data from the network
3) Do a runtime check on the data/mime type to identify if GStreamer is able to handle the data
4) Fix the rest of the TODO's I left around in the code
5) Get a second oppinion on a couble of choices made in the integration
6) Attach the patch to the bug-report
7) Optimize
8) Attach a new patch to the bug in Bugzilla

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