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How to get the sw to the N810

Why did I reboot?Posted by Mike Kristoffersen 26 Mar, 2009 00:32:22
There are aparently many ways to do this - and many ideas on how to do it ;) - With help from the good people at #mobile, I did the following (more or less) to get a running version on Fennec from my own build:

1) First of all you need to get the build going to completion :)
2) Then while still in scratchbox goto the objdir that you specified in the MOZCONFIG file (you did specify an objdir, didn't you?)
3) cd into the mobile directory
4) Do: make package - This will build a software package for your device
5) Assuming that didn't give any errors, you should now have a <something>linux-arm.tar.bz2 file in .../objdir/mobile/dist
6) cd into the dist directory, we now want to unzip the package as it is slow and might be unsupported on the device. Run: bzip2 -d <something>linux-arm.tar.bz2
7) The above should have transformed the ...tar.bz2 into a .tar file, copy this .tar file to your device (doesn't matter how)
8) I did the transfer with a USB cable, and needed to unplug it before I could see the folder with the internal memory card.
9) Edit /usr/sbin/mmc-mount, and remove the "noexec", "dmask=000" and "fmask=0133" from the file (you might need to be root to do this)
10) Do a cd /media/mmc2 (or where you placed the .tar file)
11) Run tar xvf yourFileName.tar
12) Do a cd fennec/fennec/bin
13) And then ./fennec
(14) If it still complains, you can ensure that the fennec file is executable, by chmod +x fennec)

I'll stop for today with that ending - I dare not risk the rest of the night by trying to test the GStreamer video decoder in my build :) (btw - the timestamps in this blog is GMT, I'm currently in GMT+1)


Update 2 Apr 2009:
It's possible to avoid the bzip2 step, simple find the bz2 file in the file browser, open it (double click) and then extract directly onto the N810.

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